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Environmental Stewardship

In the spirit of being responsible stewards of the environment, the Facilities Management Department operates VSU in accordance with all local, state and federal environmental laws and regulations.

Several web links which provide detailed information about environmental laws and regulations which govern the University are listed below. A stream called Fleets Branch flows through the campus, this stream collects rain water runoff from roof drains, roadways and parking lots.  Fleets Branch flows into the Appomattox River which is a tributary of the James River, Hampton Roads and the Chesapeake Bay.  The dumping of used oil, antifreeze, gasoline or other pollutants into the sanitary drains or storm water drains or parking areas on campus is prohibited.  Unlawful discharges can harm the environment.     

Contractors accomplishing earth work in and around campus in support of building renovations and new construction are required to use silt barriers to contain soil within designated work areas and to keep soil out of the storm drainage system. 
The retention basins on campus are intended to provide surge capacity during heavy rains; accordingly it is important to keep paper, bottles and litter out of the gutters and storm water catch basins so as to all allow for proper drainage on campus.  
Students, faculty and staff are expected to obey all environmental regulations. 
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