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Welcome to the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Chief Financial Officer.

Administration and Finance is responsible for the operational and strategic management of the University's financial resources, and provides oversight for a broad portfolio of administrative units that directly serve and support all aspects of campus life. Our goal is to strengthen and align central administrative and financial functions with the University's core mission.

We are continually working to develop, implement and facilitate the best practices and highest quality administrative services for Virginia State University, and to provide the fiscal and administrative counsel to the executive offices of the University ensuring it operates in the most collaborative, transparent and efficient manner.

Finance and Administration strives to become a trusted advisor to the rest of the campus, being engaged as an expert participant in the strategic decisions early in the process in order to add value to deliberations.

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer also collaborates with other higher education CFOs in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with other land-grant universities, and with Historically Black Colleges and Universities around the country on common financial, administrative and legislative concerns.

The Division consists of the following six major administrative offices:

  • Finance - Led by Associate Vice President Sheila McNair
    • Finance includes key areas such as Accounting, Administrative Services, Controller's Office, Procurement and One Card/Telecommunications. This office also provides the campus with a broad range of financial support services, financial information, procurement and materials management.
  • Capital Outlay and Facilities - Led by Assistant Vice President Jane Harris
    • Capital Outlay and Facilities provides the critical infrastructure services to the campus including plant operations, facilities planning, construction management, energy management, deferred maintenance and capital renewal projects.
  • Budget - Led by Interim Director Adrian Petway
    • The Budget Office supports quality education by providing a solid financial foundation through identifying and facilitating the efficient allocation of resources, overseeing budget implementation, and preparing financial analysis that support planning.
  • Auxiliary Enterprises - Led by Director of Auxiliary and Revenue Program Phyllis Bullock
    • Auxiliary Enterprises assists the Vice President for Administration and Finance in the implementation of strategic financial, budgetary and administrative initiatives in support of the instruction, research and service initiatives of University. It also oversees the operation of dining servicing and the bookstore.
  • Risk Management - Led by Director of Risk Management Dale Mason
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