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Spend Options with the 1Card

When a student or parents deposit funds to a 1Card account, they can choose from the following spend options. These options can help parents control how their child spends money at VSU, and help students learn to use their funds wisely.

  • Copier/Printing Dollars - Copier/Printing Dollars or Trojan Dollars are required in order to use the microfiche printers, copiers, or any of the computer printers in Johnston Memorial Library. 
  • Laundry Dollars - All residence halls have laundry rooms equipped with modern washers and dryers. You may use your Laundry Dollars or Trojan Dollars on any of the machines and avoid the need to have change.
  • Bookstore Dollars - You will need your 1Card in order to obtain a Book Voucher during registration. In addition, you will be able to use Bookstore Dollars or Trojan Dollars to purchase any item in the Bookstore.
  • Trojan Dollars - These are all-purpose dollars that may be used for any of the above listed items. In addition, Trojan Dollars may be used on vending machines equipped with card readers and at select off-campus merchants.
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