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Statement of Goverance

Virginia State University Board of Visitors

Statement of Governance

Adopted June 14, 2013

The Board of Visitors (BOV) is the governing body for Virginia State University and is composed of fifteen members appointed by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and confirmed by the General Assembly.  Members of the Board of Visitors serve for terms of four years each.

In executing its duties, the Board will be guided by the laws and policies of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It will strive to preserve the ideals and traditions of the institutions under its jurisdiction. The qualifications, terms, powers and duties of members of the Board are established by law.  Members of the Board may be removed from office by the Governor as provided by § 2.2-108 of the Code of Virginia.

From its membership, the Board elects a Rector, Vice Rector and Secretary of the Board. The Board appoints the President of Virginia State University and it appoints academic officers, faculties, and other employees essential to the effective operation of all the institutions under its control.

Annually the Board may appoint the President of the SGA to the position of a non-voting, advisory representative on the Board of Visitors.  Annually the Board, in consultation with the President, may appoint a full-time faculty member to the position of a non-voting, advisory representative on the Board of Visitors.  Each non-voting, advisory representative will sit with the Board of Visitors during the open sessions of those committee meetings and full meetings of the Board which deal with matters pertaining to Virginia State University.

There are three types of board meetings:  the Annual Meeting, regular meetings and special meetings. The Annual Meeting is usually held in the spring.  At this meeting the Board elects its officers for the year beginning July 1 of that year.  Ordinarily, there are three regular meetings in addition to the Annual Meeting.  Dates of the meetings are established by the Board. Special meetings may be held whenever called by the Board’s Rector. Both standing committees and special committees must have at least three members.  Committee members are recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by the Full Board. 

Board meetings are usually on the campus of Virginia State University. Dates, times and locations of board meetings are announced publicly at least three days prior to each meeting. All meetings of the Board are open to the public as stipulated in the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  The Board may go into executive session and exclude the public under certain conditions described in the FOIA.

There are four standing committees of the Board of Visitors:  Academic and Student Affairs Committee; Facilities, Finance and Audit Committee; Institutional Advancement Committee; and Resource Committee. The chairs of the four standing committees, along with the Rector, Vice Rector and Secretary form the Board's Executive Committee.  The Rector chairs the Board and the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee may exercise most of the powers of the Full Board when the Board is in recess.

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