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Procedures and Guidelines for Expediting Proposals

As part of the ongoing efforts by the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSR&P) to assist the university research community in identifying and pursuing potential funding opportunities, our office would like to inform you of the procedures and guidelines for expediting the submission, review and approval of proposals.

Proposals and contracts that involve partnerships or collaborations with outside institutions and agencies must include evidence of approval from the appropriate officials of the participating entity. This approved agreement must include the full extent of the partnership/collaboration - example - name of participating faculty/staff and level of effort, use of equipment, supplies, communications, travel, indirect costs, cost sharing (cash or in-kind), and the period of time. This documentation must be a part of the proposal submitted to the OSR&P for review and reaction. Non-inclusion of this information can cause the prospective principal or co-investigator valuable time in meeting the funding agency deadline for submission.

Proposal Guidelines

All proposals for contracts/grants must be submitted to the OSR&P for review and subsequent submission to the office of the provost.

Below are some useful tips when submitting proposals:

  • 1.      Start early. You should notify the OSR&P of your intent to submit a proposal so that we can ensure that we will have the staffing resources to work with you. Please see the next step.
  • 2.      Notify OSR&P. Complete the Grant Notice of Intent Form (GNoI) at least fourteen (14) business days before the deadline. All questions should be answered. Return the form to the OSR&P. This notification will enable the OSR&P to inform each prospective faculty of the name(s) of the other interested faculty and serve to eliminate multiple proposals in response to the same Request for Proposal (RFP), especially in cases where only one proposal per university is allowed by the funding agency.
  • 3.      Prepare your proposal. Final version of ALL materials, including forms and supporting documentation should be submitted to the OSR&P at least seven (7) business days prior to proposal submission deadline.
  • 4.      Approvals. Please be advised that the internal Proposal Transmittal Form and the Cost Sharing Form, if university support is needed, are mandatory documents which require the signatory approval of your chairperson and dean.

Below are steps which summarize the process for the submission, review, approval and transmittal of a proposal:

  • 1. Consultation with the Office of Sponsored Research & Programs (OSR&P).        
  • 2. Development of a research idea or program by a project director/principal investigator and co-investigators.
  • 3. Prior to preparation of the proposal, consultation with the department chairperson.
  • 4. Completion of the necessary OSR&P grant application forms.
  • 5. Preparation of a formal proposal using OSR&P application guidelines.
  • 6. Informal consultation with appropriate sponsoring agency official(s); obtain the relevant application materials.
  • 7. Proposal review and approval by the department chairperson and dean.
  • 8. Review by the university attorney (contracts only).
  • 9. Review, approval & transmittal of the proposal to the Office of the Provost by OSR&P (allow seven working days prior to proposal submission deadline).
  • 10. Administrative Review and Approval:
  •       (1) OSR&P.
  •       (2) Provost and VP for Academic Affairs.
  • 11. Return of the fully-approved proposal to the PI within seven working days.
  • 12. Transmittal of original and copies of the proposal to the funding agency by the PI and/or electronic submission by OSR&P.
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