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Welcome to the University College of Virginia State University

Welcome to the University College of Virginia State University. It’s an exciting time at VSU as we undertake this new initiative. Our promise is to provide our Trojan students with a centralized location that will offer an atmosphere where academic and moral excellence is inspired, where respect for the rights and opinions of others is practiced and a sense of integrity and fairness prevail. We encourage our students to develop a sense of dignity, a positive self-concept, a focused self-direction and a functional skill set.

Students are our business and we take our business seriously. Our team is divided into three very intricate components: First Year Experience, Student Enhancement and Support, and Academic Advising/Personal Coaching.  All three of these teams form one entity dedicated to the inevitable success of each of our students. As we embrace our first year, we look forward to an extraordinary experience, an increase in retention and an acceptance of our charge to serve our Trojan students well.

Again, welcome to the University College of Virginia State University!

Dr. Evelina McIntire Davis,

Executive Director


Our Mission

In partnership with the Virginia State University community, our mission is to provide a centralized guidance program to assist each student to reach his/her potential, and to prepare students to be responsible and productive coeds in the Virginia State University community and the global society.

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