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Application Process

The goal of the Office of Admissions is to provide you with an admissions decision as quickly as possible. It is in your best interest to start this process early. Completed applications received in the Admissions Office by March 1st will be reviewed before the Virginia State University Financial Aid Priority deadline of March 31st.

Freshman Application Process


Suggested date March 1 to meet the Financial Aid Deadline of March 31.

Actual date is May 1st which is, also, the national candidate reply date. Don’t wait—apply online today. 

Our peak application receipt time is from December to March. We receive hundreds of applications and thousands of additional documents that we must compile together. Due to the heavy volume of applications submitted and mail received, retrieving applications and matching all materials together can take several weeks.

You can help us go green by applying on-line or writing legible on your paper application.

We Are Going Green

We will send your application status by email. If your application is incomplete we will work with you to obtain the additional documents.

Decision Letter

We will mail the decision letter using the US Postal Service only. We cannot provide telephonic or email decisions.

Email Address

Please ensure we have one legible email address that we can communicate with you. There are free services available through yahoo or hotmail.  In addition, make sure you do not block our email address as we will contact you when documents are received or if we need documents. The VSU email is You will not receive a paper status, if you did not provide an email address above.

Test Scores

As a reminder, send your test scores through the testing service. Our SAT code is 5860 and our ACT code is 4424.  Upon receipt, you will receive an email.

Merit Scholarships

All applicants will automatically be considered for our merit scholarships. Eligible students will receive a US Postal Service letter within two weeks after admission that must be returned to the university.

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