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Since 1882, Virginia State has stood as a beacon of higher education opportunity. Early on, we served as an institution for students who could not attend elsewhere. Today, with a mission of scholarship, research and outreach, VSU continues to serve as the vehicle through which our students can build a better world for themselves and their families. In its 133 years, Virginia State University has grown into a truly global institution. Our dedicated faculty and administration takes a singular approach to each of these students: to provide the education and skills necessary to embark upon their life’s journey with the confidence and knowledge to succeed.

As institutions of higher education have become more inclusive, the environment in which VSU operates has become increasingly competitive. Your support is critical for VSU to recruit and retain top students, to provide the infrastructure necessary to provide a challenging academic environment and to encourage the type of faculty scholarship and research that leads to a richer educational experience.

By investing in Virginia State University, you are not only directly helping students, but exhibiting a tangible belief in our mission.

We at Virginia State University are justifiably proud of our heritage. We have long served a noble mission. Our focus now though, is not on what we’ve been, but on what we endeavor to become. Through your support, our future is limitless!

Please consider a gift to Virginia State University so that we may continue to grow as a 21st century institution and turn our students’ dreams into reality!

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