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First Year of Football: 1899

All-Time Bowl/ Playoff Record: 3-4 

Years in Post Season Play: 7

Last Post Season Appearance: 1988 

All-Time Record: 526-346-53


First Year of Baseball: 1920 

 All-Time Bowl/Playoff Record: N/A 

 Years in Post Season Play: 1 

 Last Post Season Appearance: 2007 

 All-Time Record: 0-2 


Men's Basketball

First Year of Basketball: 1924

Overall All-Time Record: 955-881

All-Time Bowl/Playoff Record: 1-3

Years in Post Season Play: 2

Last Post Season Appearance: 1988 Regional

Result: L 90-89 vs. Virginia Union

Men's Tennis

Division Champions: 4 (08,09,10,11)

All-Time Bowl/NCAA Playoff Record: 0-1

Years in Post Season Play: 1 year

Last Post Season Appearance: West Virginia Wesylan '09

Result: 5-0 L

Women's Basketball

First Year of Basketball: 1976 

All-Time Bowl/Playoff Record: N/A 

Years in Post Season Play: 6 years 

Last Post Season Appearance: California (Pa) '10 

Result: 60-72 L


Women's Cross Country

First Year of Cross-Country: 2001

Years in Post Season Play: 1

Last Post Season Appearance: 2008

Women's Indoor-Track 

First Year of IndoorTrack & Field: 2001

Years in Post Season Play: 3

Last Post Season Appearance: 2009


First Year of Bowling: 2000

Playoff Record: N/A

Years in Post Season Play: 0


First Year of Women's Tennis: 1976

All-Time Bowl/Playoff Record: 1-2

Years in Post Season Play: 2 years

Last Post Season Appearance: Bloomsburg '08

Result: 5-0 L


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