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Virginia State University Intercollegiate Athletic Philosophy

VSU is dedicated to recruiting and retaining quality student-athletes with a desire to succeed academically and athletically. The athletic coaches, staff, and administrators at Virginia State University strive for a balanced, academic and athletic competitive program where winning is defined as giving your absolute best effort in the classroom, in your sport and being proud of the results.

Our academic and athletic programs foster a sense of team, pride, fair play and commitment in our students. Our goal at Virginia State is to encourage students to live life in balance through participation in academic, athletics, intramural, and other extracurricular activities.

Intercollegiate Athletics Conference Affiliations: Virginia State is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and competes in the Central Intercollegiate Athletics Association (CIAA) in all sports. 

Athletics is a fundamental part of the multi-dimensional educational experience offered at Virginia State University. The VSU Athletic Department strives to allow each individual an equal opportunity to develop their potential as student-athletes in a competitive and healthy environment. This healthy competitive environment provides opportunity for growth athletically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Coaches, team members and institutional staff members must exhibit professionalism at all times, especially when they encounter officials, players, institutional staff members, spectators, and members of the media. It is the responsibility of all student-athletes, coaches, staff members and administrators to uphold all NCAA rules and CIAA regulations, and to enforce such at all times. Our goal is to preserve the healthy caring, competitive environment allowing our student-athletes to reach their full potential academically and athletically.

Our great athletic tradition sponsors over 16 varsity teams, giving opportunities for men and women, of proven ability the opportunity to test their skill and dedication in intercollegiate competition. Through its commitment to competitive athletics, Virginia State demonstrates its belief that learning how to prepare, to give your very best effort, to compete with pride and dedication, to sacrifice, to focus and persevere against the best, will develop a sense of pride and appreciation for competition against a formidable opponent. Your best requires my best and vice versa. These lessons in athletics teach accomplishment, respect, character, and for the participants are an invaluable part of the non-academic experience of a college education.

Virginia State views athletics as a compliment to its University and Academic Mission. The University permits competitive athletics to play a proportioned role within the holistic college experience of a student-athlete as we seek to provide a balanced environment for growth and learning.

In addition to the intercollegiate athletic program, VSU offers participation in a wide variety of intramural sports and recreation, for the entire student body. The University recognizes that these useful, fun, health, shared experiences can help create a strong bond among students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the university community at large and we are committed to fostering a spirit of involvement and fellowship that athletic and extracurricular activities can develop.