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Dear Friend of VSU Athletics:

At Virginia State University, on any given day, at any given minute countless activities are taking place to ensure student-athletes are receiving a quality education in a quality environment.  The VSU Department of Athletics seeks to foster the academic accomplishments of VSU by attracting and retaining students, which will add their talent and character to the university.  Athletics play a role in improving the overall student experience at a university.

Scholarships have made the difference for many of our student-athletes and we need your help to support the next generations of student-athletes.  The Trojan Athletic Club is the principal fundraising arm of VSU Athletics.  We are asking for your support to this scholarship initiative.  Funds raised through the $1000 Trojan Athletic Club are used to cover student-athlete scholarships.  Your donation to the Trojan Athletic Club (PDF) supports more than 250 student-athletes.  Student-athletes will be given the opportunity to participate in athletic and recreational programs while achieving academic success.  Through fund-raising initiatives, the $1,000 Trojan Athletic Club Campaign is a campaign to raise $1 million to fund student-athlete scholarships here at Virginia State University. 

At Virginia State University we recognize that athletic achievement is important, but the ultimate goal is for our student-athletes to earn a degree in their chosen field of study.  Your support is vital to the success of our student-athletes.

Peggy Davis

Director of Athletics