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The Virginia State University Woo Woos first began in 1975 under the direction of Dr. Paulette Johnson. The Men of Troy were later added to the squad. Over the years, this dynamic group has not only performed at sporting events, but has also been featured on several television programs, involved with many community service activities, television commercials, and a countless number of cheerleading camps.

After 35 years of coaching the well known VSU Woo Woos, the legendary Dr. Paulette Johnson retired. The new coaches are former Woo Woos Keisha Shelton and Christine Bates. They are in charge of cheerleading for all Virginia State University athletic teams. 

The Woo Woos continue a tradition of VSU excellence. Recognized nationally for up-tempo, high energy and original performances. The Woo Woos have become very well known throughout the CIAA. The squad proudly boasts almost 30 members from all over the country.

In keeping with the University's mission, the squad focuses on community service as well as promoting school spirit. Tryouts are held annually during the spring semester for VSU full-time students. Instructional camps and workshops are still being offered throughout the state. 

In 2001, the University granted the Woo Woos Alumni chapter it's initial charter. The organization has a rapidly growing membership that is actively involved in the promotion of the squad and its individual members.