All talks are given by invited only researchers, experts in their field. Contributions reflect the most recent advances delivered in a high standard, self-contained and pedagogical exposition to a multidisciplinary audience of faculty and students, with the objective of fostering student interest and participation in the STEAM-H disciplines and a genuine interdisciplinary collaborative research. Students are also invited to contribute a poster prior to the plenary talk.

All presentations are videotaped. The plenary talk is followed by a post-presentation one hour discussion on research collaboration and visit, mentorships, internships, grant proposal. To ensure a thematic continuation the Proceedings are peer-reviewed and published in a book format by Springer.

Schedule of Speakers 

Friday, January 24

Dr. Webster Santos (Chemistry/Chemical Biology) 

Title: Combating Human Immunodeficiency Virus: Inhibiting RNA Function Using Chemistry

Department of Chemistry  

Virginia Institute of Technology, Blacksburg, VA

Friday, January 31

Dr. Mahlet Tadesse. (Statistics/Bioinformatics)

Title: Identifying Cluster Structures and Relevant Features in High-Dimensional Data

Department of Mathematics & Statistics  Georgetown University, Washington DC  

Department of Epidemiology, Harvard University, Boston MA

Friday, February 7

Dr. Milind Tambe (Systems Engineering/Computer Science) 

Title: Security and Game Theory: Key Algorithmic Principles, Deployed Applications, Research Challenges

Professor, Department of Computer Science & Industrial, Systems Engineering. 

Director, Teamcore Research Group on Agents and Multiagent Systems University of Southern California, LA, CA 

Friday, February 14

Dr. Rene Renteria (Health Sciences/Retinal Research) (POSTPONED)

Title: Understanding the Vision Loss in Diabetic Retinopathy: A New Dopamine-VEGF Axis of Pathology 

Department of Physiology

University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX

Friday, February 21

Dr. Vernessa Clark (Psychology/Personality Psychology)  

Title: Obesity: Pears and Apples

Department of Psychology

Virginia State University, VA 

Friday, February 28

March 7

Spring Break: No Talk

Friday, March 14

Dr. Omar Quintero. (Cell Biology/Cytoskeleton/Molecular Motors)  

Title: Cell and Molecular Biology

Department of Biology 

University of Richmond, Richmond, VA

Friday, March 21

Dr. Juan Gilbert. (Automotive Engineering) 

Title: Making A Difference in Society Through Research and Innovation

Professor, Department of Automotive Engineering  Chair, Human-Centered Computing Lab Clemson University, Clemson, SC. 
Friday, March 28

Dr. Kimberly Sellers. (Statistics/Biostatistics) 

Title: Don't Count on Poisson: Introducing a Generalized Count Distribution for Dispersed Count Data 

Department of Mathematics & Statistics 

Georgetown University, Washington, DC 

Wednesday, April 5

Dr. Colin Christopher (Math/Applied Math) 

Title: TBA

School of Computing and Mathematics Faculty of Science & Environment

Plymouth University, Plymouth, UK

Friday, April 4

 HBCU-UP undergraduate conference. No talk 

Friday,  April 11

Dr. Benjamin Schwartz (Physical Chemistry/Nanoscience Materials) 

Title: TBA 

Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), CA 

Friday,  April 18

Dr. Brent Hickman. (Game Theory/Economics/Behavioral Sciences) 

Title: TBA

Economics Department

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 

Friday,  April 25

Dr. Tessema Astatkie, (Statistics/Agriculture)  

Title: TBA

Professor, Faculty of Agriculture 

Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

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