All talks are given by invited only researchers, experts in their field. Contributions reflect the most recent advances delivered in a high standard, self-contained and pedagogical exposition to a multidisciplinary audience of faculty and students, with the objective of fostering student interest and participation in the STEAM-H disciplines and a genuine interdisciplinary collaborative research. Students are also invited to contribute a poster prior to the plenary talk.

All presentations are videotaped. The plenary talk is followed by a post-presentation one hour discussion on research collaboration and visit, mentorships, internships, grant proposal. To ensure a thematic continuation the Proceedings are peer-reviewed and published in a book format by Springer.

Schedule of Speakers 

Friday, January 29

Xuejun Wen

(Chemical and Life Science Engineering)

Title: New Biomaterials for Biomedical Research and Biomedical Devices

 VCU Institute for Engineering and Medicine:
Friday, February 5

Dr. Christopher Brady

(Research on the Theory of Planned Behavior)

VSU Department of Psychology
Friday, February 12

Rana Parshad

(Analysis and Modeling of PDE in Biology and Fluid Mechanics: Applied Mathematics)

 Clarkson University, NY
Friday, February 19

Dr. Cheng Ly

(Computational Neuroscience: Applied Mathematics)

Title: Using applied mathematics to gain insight into neural network dynamics

Friday, February 26

Dr. Larry Keen

(Neuropsychology. Psychoneuroimmunology)

VSU Psychology


March 4

Spring Break: No Talk


March 11

Spring Break: No Talk

Friday, March 18

Winston Soboyejo

(Materials for Health, Energy and Environment)

Princeton University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Friday, March 25

Charles Cantrell

(Natural Products Research: Agriculture)

Friday, April 1

 HBCU-UP undergraduate conference. No talk 

Friday,  April 8

Dr. Karla Mossi

(Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering)

Friday,  April 15

Dr. James Adair

(Bioresorbable Nanoparticles for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Human Cancer)

Pennsylvania State University 

Friday,  April 22

Dr. Christopher Frost

(Chemical and Molecular Ecology: Plant-Insect Interactions (Biology)

University of Louisville, KY
Friday,  April 29

Hong-Chao Zhang

(Manufacturing/Industrial Engineering)

Texas Tech University, TX
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