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Accepting Awards in Banner

Congratulations! On behalf of the Office of Student Financial Aid, we are pleased to offer you financial assistance for the upcoming 2016-2017 Academic Year.

This offer is intended to assist you in bridging the gap between the support that can reasonably be expected from you and your parents and the actual cost of attendance for Virginia State University. Follow the steps below in order to accept your award via the web. 

Step 1: Access Banner by clicking here.

Step 2: Underneath Trojan Link, on the left-hand side of the screen, select Banner

Step 3: Select Self-Service for Students

Step 4: Click on Banner Self-Service

Step 5: Log on to Banner Self-Service using Student ID (ex. V00123456) & Pin (ex. 123456)

Step 6: Select Student and Financial Aid

Step 7: Select Financial Aid

Step 8: Select Award

Step 9: Select Award for Aid Year

Step 10: On the drop-down menu choose the appropriate Aid Year – Award Year 2016-2017 – then click accept

Step 11: Select Terms and Conditions Tab. Read Terms and Conditions, then click accept.

Step 12: Select Accept Award Offer Tab

Step 13: Options for Accept Award offers include:

  1. Accept the full award amount by selecting Accept Full Amount of All Awards
  2. Choose Decline or Accept for each fund
  3. Accept a partial amount by selecting Accept and entering the amount in the Accept Partial Amount Field
Awards may be adjusted based on Academic Performance and Enrollment Status
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