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Below is a compilation of guidelines and policies to assist you in learning the VSU culture and performing your job.

Section 1000 Board of Visitors & President

1001. Fraud Reporting Policy
1002. Equal Employment Opportunity
1003. Americans with Disabilities Accessibility Policy 
1004. Procedures for the Use of Service Animals
1005. Formulation of Policy Document
1006. Public Comment Policy

1101. Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Retaliation Policy
1102. VSU Alcohol and Drugs Policy
           VSU Procedure – Use of Alcoholic Beverages at Authorized Events
1103. Discrimination Grievance Procedures 
1104. Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy
1105. Title IX Complaint Resolution Procedures
1106. Serious Incident Reporting Policy
1110. Board Policy on University-Related Foundations
1115. Military Student Priority Registration Policy
1125. Individual Participation in Board of Visitors Meetings by Electronic Means

1202. Inclement Weather
1204. Clean Air Act
1206. Key Control  

1400. Leasing of Real Property
1410. Intellectual Property

1500. Debt Management Guidelines and Procedures
1600. Textbook Adoption and Sales and Bookstores
1700. Code of Ethics Policy
1800. Red Flags Rule (Identity Theft Protection)
1900. Investment Policy Statement

Section 2000 Academic Affairs

Section 3000 Student Affairs

Section 4000 Institutional Advancement

Section 5000 Finance

Section 6000 Information Technology

6110. IT Security Policy

6115. Acceptable Use Policy

6120. Risk Management and IT System & Data Sensitivity 

6130. Business Impact Analysis Policy

6135. IT Contingency Planning Policy

6140. Website Privacy Policy

6150. Sensitivity IT System Policy

6160. Systems Security Plan and Systems Operations Agreement Policy

6165. Security Assessment and Authorization Policy

6170. System Communications Protection Policy

6250. Wireless Security Policy

6310. Logical Access Control and Account Management Policy

6315. Password Management Policy

6320. Remote Access Policy

6325. Personnel Security Policy

6400. Data Security Media Protection and Encryption Policy

6410. System Maintenance Policy

6510. Facility Security Policy

6515. Physical and Environmental Protection Policy

6530. Security Awareness Training Policy

6600. Threat Management Policy

6610. Data Breach Notification Policy

6650. Security Monitoring and Logging Policy

6655. Audit and Accountability Policy

6720. Document Imaging Policy

6800. IT Asset Management Policy

6820. Vendor Management Policy

6810. Change Control and Configuration Management Policy

6815. System and Information Integrity Policy

6900. IT Project Management Policy

6910. System and Services Acquisition Policy

6905. IT Enterprise Architecture Infrastructure and Ongoing Operations Policy


Section 7000 Human Resources

807. Conflict of Interest

207. Termination Policy

209. Telework Policy

7003. Family and Medical Leave

7060. Outside Employment Policy

7062. Business Casual Attire

Employee Handbook


Section 8000 General Administrative

8002. Violence Prevention/Threat Assessment

8100. Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (DRONES)