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New VoIP Phone System for VSU

Published date: February 22, 2013

New VOIP PhonesVirginia State University (VSU) is installing a new high tech phone system beginning March 2013. This new systemcommunicates across the network rather than using traditional phone wiring. The technology, known as Voice overInternet Protocol (VoIP), adds features and capabilities not available in standard telephones. VoIP also reduces timeand costs when phones need to be moved.

Reducing Telecommunication Costs

Today, VSU has five autonomous telephone systems to support our faculty and staff personnel. Several of thesystems are served by old underground cabling, legacy systems, not interchangeable, and are not upgradable tonewer technology. With the new VoIP phone system, all personnel will be on a single telephone system.

Most of the savings from a new phone system, commonly called a private branch exchange (PBX), is due to acomputerized switch that allows many phones to use relatively few incoming and outgoing lines. In the near future,Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking will be installed for VSU’s inbound and outbound calls. Throughout theworld, the SIP VoIP protocol is used for long distance dialing, which allows calls to be placed using the Internet andresults in low cost long distance.

Implementation Plan

Installation of the new VoIP phone system is beginning March of 2013. A roll out schedule will be posted andupdated on the Technology Services website. In the near future, informational meetings will be conducted wherefaculty and staff can not only see the phones and try them out, but will be able to receive answer on any questions.

Training classes to learn how to use the features of the new system will be available and on-going doing the rollout.The class schedules will be posted on the website under VSU VoIP. Two standard analog telephones will beinstalled on the walls of each building for emergency 911 calls.

A detailed project, implementation and installation plan has been prepared by Disys Solutions for the cutover. Onceagain, please refer to the Technology Services/VoIP website for installation updates.Telephone numbers will remain the same as well as users will have the ability to dial internally on campus by dialing4 or 5 digits extensions only..

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