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Mass Comm, Fort Lee Partnership Provides Real World Experience to Students and Soldiers

Published date: October 5, 2012

Virginia State University’s Department of Mass Communications has partnered with the Army Logistics University (ALU) at Fort Lee to provide both the students and the soldiers with hands-on,real world experience.  

As part of their six month, ALU Captain’s Career Course, 130 Army Captains are participating in a two week logistical exercise at Fort Lee.  As part of the exercise, the soldiers conduct mock press conferences to gain experience answering questions from reporters. VSU Mass Comm students are serving as reporters and videographers at the mock press conferences.

Major Luke Meyers and Major Troy King briefed the students on the scenario, which involves a hostile takeover of a small fictitious country.  U.S. soldiers are preparing to go into that country to force the enemy out and restore order. “We are excited to work with the VSU students,” said Major Meyers. “This partnership helps the Army provide  realistic training to the soldiers of ALU.”

The students have worked with Mass Comm professors to prepare for the mock press conferences. Department Chair Dr. Ishmail Conway said “I’m so glad the Army selected the VSU Mass CommDepartment. Our students are learning about news and public affairs as players in this simulated wartime training. This is experiential learning at its best.”

The students spent two days working with the soldiers.  There are plans to continue this partnership with other military classes that will train at Fort Lee.

Contact: Gwen Williams Dandridge

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