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VSU appoints Business Dean; Agriculture Interim Dean

Published date: October 7, 2015

The Virginia State University (VSU) Board of Visitors recently confirmed two academic appointments. Dr. Emmanuel Omojokun was appointed Dean of the Reginald F. Lewis College of Business (RFLCB) and Dr. M.  Ray McKinnie as appointed Interim Dean of the College of Agriculture.

Dr. Omojokun has served VSU for over 20 years, advancing through the faculty and administrative ranks as Professor, Department Head (in Management/Computer Information Systems) and Associate Dean of RFLCB.  Throughout his tenure at VSU, the University has called upon Dr. Omojokun to lead and/or assist with various campus-wide IT projects and systems. Highly regarded by colleagues and students across the University, he has consistently demonstrated exemplary commitment to VSU’s mission and principles. Dr. Omojokun is an experienced professional with a strong research background. Some of his teaching interests include: Introduction to Computer Networks, Advanced Computer Networks, Systems Architecture and Design, Introduction to Information Systems, Databases and Security, Object Oriented Programming Using C++, Management Information Systems, Java Programming Language, and Information Technology Security and Forensics. 

He has a number of community service projects and has participated on several committees at VSU. His research focus has been in his teaching areas, which includes Computer Networks & Network Applications, Systems Architecture & Design, Programming Languages, Software, and the General Computer Information Systems. He has several articles in various publications, has made several presentations, and has a number of awards and recognitions. He has also served as a paper reviewer, proceedings editor, associate conference program chair, session chair, panel member, panel organizer, and book reviewer. He is a member of several professional organizations.

As Interim Dean, Dr. McKinnie will lend his managerial expertise to strengthen professional affiliations and ensure program accessibility for farmers, students, youth and communities. He will provide administrative oversight for the college’s academic departments, and the agricultural research and Cooperative Extension programs. He previously served as assistant administrator for programs in the College.

Dr. McKinnie’s plans include spurring development of new, innovative programs and product offerings; increasing partnerships and collaborative agreements; and expanding the College’s sponsorship portfolio as a way to underwrite program costs.

Dr. McKinnie brings a wealth of education and professional experience to his new posts.  He served in various administrative capacities, including associate dean and Extension administrator at North Carolina A&T in a tenure that spanned more than three decades.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in animal science from North Carolina A&T, his master’s degree in animal science from Ohio State University and his doctorate in reproductive physiology from North Carolina State University, Dr. McKinnie began his career as an assistant agricultural agent.  As an extension specialist and researcher working with small, part-time, limited resource farmers, he focused his efforts on swine, rabbit and meat-goat production.

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