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Virginia State University introduces Pronoun Buttons

Published date: March 12, 2019

In a continuous effort to create a more diverse and inclusive campus community, Virginia State University (VSU) rolled out their “Pronoun Buttons” at the monthly meeting of the President’s Advisory Board for LGBTQIA+ Inclusion.

Pronouns are very important because they are the smallest way to acknowledge someone's identity,” said Chevelle Moss-Savage, who serves as VSU’s program administrator for Diversity and Inclusion. “You can’t always know what someone’s pronouns are by looking at them. Asking and correctly using someone’s pronouns is one of the most basic ways to show your respect for their gender identity.”

In January of 2018, VSU President Makola M. Abdullah, Ph.D. assembled the Advisory Board for LGBTQIA+ Inclusion to investigate ways for the institution to be a more affirming learning environment for all students, faculty and staff within the LGBTQIA+ community. The group is comprised of students, faculty, staff and community leaders.

“It is important to have a diverse and inclusive campus atmosphere for all students, faculty and staff,” said President Abdullah. “Our mission is to foster a campus where all Trojans are granted the pursuit of a quality education in a safe learning environment.”

The “Pronoun Buttons” will be distributed at the end of each LGBTQIA+ 101 and Safe Zone Ally training for faculty, students and staff. 

Virginia State University introduces Pronoun Buttons

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