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Relax, Relate, & Release

Published date: March 16, 2020

Finding the silver lining in the time of a crisis is difficult. The Coronavirus Pandemic has increased our anxiety and stress. Left unchecked, persistent anxiety invades every area of our physical, emotional, and behavioral wellbeing. But it can also create reflective moments where we focus on what really matters. During the upcoming days, the Trojan Wellness Network challenges you to take care of not only your physical, but psychological well-being. Guided meditation is one strategy for improving your emotional well-being. 

Below are a couple of apps that will introduce or reacquaint you with guided meditation, as a relaxation strategy.

Not into meditation, then one of the 99 Coping Strategies identified on this site, will assist you in managing your stress and improving your resilience. 

Need someone to talk to? If you participate in VSU’s health insurance, look on the back of your Anthem Insurance card and call Behavior Health/EAP at 1-855-223-9277. 

Remember to be healthy as a whole, mental health plays a role. 

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