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How To Sign Up: TIP Session

TIP Sessions are 2-day overnight experiences. During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to meet with academic advisors, financial aid, and many other departments to help you transition into the Trojan Family.

The tip registration process is facilitated in banner; below are the steps:

  • Log into your Banner account by clicking here.
  • Click the student tab
  • Go to "Freshman Orientation."

VSU TIP Session

  • Enter your desired TIP session start date (ignore all other fields); the TIP calendar will then pop up below.

VSU TIP Session

  • In the calendar below, select the link with the desired date
  • On the Event Summary page, ensure that you are registering for the correct date then click the register button at the bottom.

VSU TIP Session

  • On the "Log In" page, enter the credentials used when submitting the VSU application. If you need assistance with your account information, please contact the admissions office at (804) 524-5902.

VSU TIP Session

  • Review the Event Registration form and ensure the information is correct.
  • At the bottom of the form, please enter your desired Academic Program of Interest, AP and Dual Enrollment status (if applicable), number of guests (two maximum) and ADA requirements.
  • Click register
  • You will receive an Orientation Welcome Letter via email within 72 hours.
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