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AvatarOpportunity and Access ➤

Priority 1

Student Opportunity and Access

We will increase student opportunity and access to higher education: becoming a national model institution offering opportunities for educating students from all backgrounds to attain high academic achievement and employment success rates.

AvatarAcademic Excellence ➤

Priority 2

Academic Excellence

We will sustain academic excellence: strategically establish and enhance academic programs to deliver distinctive, responsive and innovative offerings that effectively prepare leaders and scholars to meet the demands of a global society and workforce

AvatarStudent Experience ➤

Priority 3

The Holistic Experience for Students

We will provide a transformative VSU experience that supports the holistic development of students: facilitate and promote leadership development, career readiness and civic engagement programs

Avatar The VSU Brand ➤

Priority 4

The VSU Brand

We will define the VSU Brand and tell our Story: effectively demonstrating and communicating the value of Virginia State University

AvatarFinancial Resources ➤

Priority 5

Financial/Operational Effectiveness

We will increase and Diversify Financial Resources and Enhance Operational Effectiveness: strengthen philanthropic support and ensure university resources and operations to support long-term growth, sustainability and excellence

AvatarLand Grant Mission ➤

Priority 6

Enhancing the Land Grant Mission of the University

Elevate the Agricultural Research, Cooperative Extension Operations and Agricultural Academic Areas to carry out the land-grant mission for the University throughout the community, the Commonwealth, nationally and globally

Virginia State University


Preeminence with Purpose

“Sustaining our Legacy through Access, Leadership and Transformative Excellence”


The five-year strategic plan for Virginia State University (VSU) centers on sustained excellence. Preeminence with Purpose sets forth the next chapter in our continued growth, focusing on six areas:  Student Opportunity and Access, Academic Excellence, The Holistic Experience for Students, Enhancing the Land Grant Mission of the University, The VSU Brand and Financial/Operational Effectiveness. 

VSU is dedicated to using a holistic approach to academic excellence and student success and engagement.  This plan emphasizes leadership and professional development, career planning, and experiential learning. It focuses on developing student leaders who are more engaged with their learning, have the soft skills necessary to be successful in their careers, and are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and disposition to be globally competitive while remaining civically engaged. 

This plan is transformative as it considers new opportunities and identifies methods of adapting to the ever-changing landscape of higher education. As such, the plan identifies new academic programs to prepare our students to be competitive in the growing fields of computer science, cyber security, engineering, food science, military science and health care.  In addition, it promotes continuous learning through the creation of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Social Work (MSW) programs and recognizes the need for added infrastructure to support the new programs and the holistic student experience.

This bold and forward-thinking strategic plan is the culmination of our principles of shared governance.  The planning and structure of this plan considered the voices and visions of our alumni, faculty, local community, staff, students, and other internal and external stakeholders.  This exchange of ideas led to this comprehensive plan which is inclusive, equitable, and diverse; yet ambitious and forward thinking. 

While the Strategic Plan has been developed and implementation planning is underway, we understand the need to be nimble and are prepared to adjust to changing conditions.  VSU will continue an open dialogue with our valued stakeholders on our progress in implementing and/or revising the Strategic Plan as needed, as we move forward.