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Fall Housing Process

We look forward to having you on-campus next year! The VSU online housing process allows all students the opportunity to apply for housing in the convenience of their personal space. 

New students online process is restricted to submitting the housing application and accepting the terms and conditions of the housing agreement; however, they can look forward to participating in the Housing Lottery process that affords upperclassmen  the ability to select their roommate, residence hall, room, and dining plan of choice

Fall Housing Lottery Process
(Current Students)

This process is for current on-campus students who are seeking VSU housing for Fall 2015-Spring 2016. To participate, students must have already submitted a 2015-2016 Housing & Food Service Agreement, Paid the $150 room reservation fee, and registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours for the fall semester.

1st time VSU students are exempt from the Housing Lottery Process.  Assignments for 1st time VSU students will be processed by the Department of Residence Life’s Housing Office.

General Information

  • Housing Lottery numbers will be computer generated randomly based on payment posted date.
  • Students are able to request a roommate, choose a dining plan and select the desired room and residence hall during the lottery process.
  • The Housing Lottery is a timed process. Other students will also be online searching for a room at the same time you are. You will be prompted through the process; however, reviewing the “how to” steps in advance will save you valuable time.

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