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Cultural and Ethnic

Cultural/Ethnic – Provide support for students of various ethnic groups to promote cultural understanding

Anti-Hazing Policy: Section 18.2-56 of the Code of Virginia states that it is unlawful to haze so as to cause bodily injury, any student at any school, college, or university. Any person found guilty thereof shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.




Auset Society

The Auset Society will catalyze an African-consciousness movement, creating a new atmosphere conducive to genuine self-awareness.  Absent of contradiction, and in resistance to conventional views, the Auset Society will move diligently, not only through the surface realm of self-realization but through the unseen realm of African conscientiousness, building up a complete descendant of the African Diaspora.

Dr. Zoe Spencer

Caribbean Students Association

The Caribbean Student’s Association has two major objectives: 1. To enable students of Caribbean heritage to meet, socialize, and discuss Caribbean issues and international concerns.  2. To provide an opportunity for all students at VSU to learn more about the diverse Caribbean region, its peoples and cultures.

Dr. Olwyn Blouet

Russian Club

The objectives of this organization are to promote consciousness of the Russian language, culture and history, while expanding Virginia State University horizons in international affairs, to provide fellowship among students and faculty, to represent student needs and wants in regards to: The advancement of Russian culture and language to expand  Virginia State University knowledge of international interest and affairs and to provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to benefit the University community.

Dr. Richard Omotoye

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is created to empower students and provide them with the skills needed to excel in the Spanish class.  Its mission is to promote the Spanish culture and language among Virginia State University students.    Attending the Spanish club’s meetings on a regular basis, students will realize that although Spanish is a different language, we as humans are one.

Dr. Olywn Blouet

VSU Muslim Student Association

The purposes of the Muslim Student Association includes: To maintain our campus community, as well as the surrounding areas of Virginia State University; To develop programs to solve community problems; To build a support system between students and academic schools; to provide educational experiences that will develop student’s potential for leadership and service; To promote friendly relations between students, faculty and business people; and to promote interfaith understanding.

Dr. Ghasuddin Ahmed

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