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Social – Provide opportunities for students to explore special interests 

Anti-Hazing Policy: Section 18.2-56 of the Code of Virginia states that it is unlawful to haze so as to cause bodily injury, any student at any school, college, or university. Any person found guilty thereof shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.




A Movement Walking

The purpose of a Movement Walking is to promote unity to Virginia State University’s organizational and non-organizational students through dedicated service, forums, discussions, and hands on events for the betterment of VSU’s campus.  A Movement Walking will also incorporate the rules and regulations bestowed by Virginia State University.         

Reverend Delano Douglas

Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence’s mission is to raise awareness and help prevent domestic violence with particular attention to partner abuse, to break the cycle of abuse for VSU students and to make partner abuse taboo at VSU.

Dr. Merry Byrd

Carolina Pre-Alumni Club

The purpose of this organization is to unite the students from North Carolina and South Carolina to create a family-like environment through mentorship and community service.

Mr. Vince Ridley

Diversifies Virtue Entertainment

Diversified Virtue Entertainment’s mission is to create diversity while conforming to a standard of right.

Ms. Natalie Grossett-Campbell

Future African-American Millionaires, Inc.

The purpose of “F.A.A.M.” is to initiate positive means of creation through due process, effort, tireless work and dedication.   We aim to learn from experiences in the world of entrepreneurial practices and therefore broaden Virginia State University and its youth at large.

Ms. Natalie Grossett-Campbell

Gays & Lesbians Affirming Diversity (G.L.A.D)

The goal of this organization is to promote mutual supportive relationships among all students in the interest of advancing campus diversity.  Furthermore, we believe that Virginia State University and its students are strengthened by the diversity of the people and the idea that each person has worth and should be treated with dignity, integrity, and respect.

     Dr. Renee Hill

Male Teachers Molding Minds

To provide an academic and social support system wherein the young men of Professional Education Programs can learn and gain a more comprehensive understanding of their importance to the development of families, schools, and the community as a whole. Our organization will increase the recruitment and retention of male candidates in our Professional Education Programs.

Mr. John C. Travis

National Society of Leadership and Success Sigma Alpha Phi

This organization has been established to create a support group that will help college students achieve their goals and thus better their lives.

Dr. Elin Doval

Richmond Pre-Alumni Club

The purpose of this organization is to promote a sense of community among the students of VSU who are residents of Richmond and surrounding areas.

Dr. Sylvia Statton

Selected Ones The mission of Selected Ones is to be inclusive to all Virginia State University students who desire to stimulate campus and community growth.  Thus they are “selected” to be the motivators for the progression of the school’s attempt to form campus wide unity.

Mr. Corey Scott

Sista to Sista

The primary purpose of Sista to Sista is to join all African-American women on Virginia State’s campus on a more personal level.  Diverse in our personality, all women will bring different views concerning their experiences as individuals on campus and in society.  Interacting with others, who may share in the same goals and aspirations, who can help us to learn more about ourselves and those women who have made a difference in our history, as well as, our present.

Ms. LaTrece Walden

Student Liaison Outreach Team

The purpose of S.L.O.T. is to assist the youth in developing options and choices in order to take control of their lives.  S.L.O.T. also delivers community service where it is needed, not because we have to but because we want to.

Mr. Brian Henderson

The Betterment of Brothers & Sisters

BBS serves seven purposes to include: 1) helping all freshmen and new students to adjust to the university environment; 2) acquainting freshmen and new students with the rules, traditions and ideals of the university; 3) promoting activities that help students’ develop positive and healthy social attitudes; 4) cooperating with Residence Life, Orientation and Advisement, the Office of Admissions and other areas of the university to assist with promotion of student activities; 5) aiding students in finding solutions to their problems; 6) promoting and encouraging university spirit; and 7) providing community service to Virginia State University and the Tri-Cities Community.

Ms. Malikha Forbes

The Men of New Water, Inc.

The Men of New Water Organization, Inc. is an all male organization which brings forth a big brother form of guidance to all undergraduate & graduate students.  The Men of New Water organization, Inc. also bring Faith, Unity, Pride, Motivation, Self-Respect, and Discipline to all male undergraduate and graduate students at Virginia State University.

Mr. Terrell Jones

The T.R.U.E. Foundation, Inc.

The mission of this organization is to mentor first and second semester freshmen.

Dr. Zaccheus Ogunnika

Unity of Consciousness

The purpose of the Unity of Consciousness is to improve the academic performance of the students in the public school system by volunteering and assisting students during school and after school hours.  Also, to provide additional resources, advice, mentoring, tutoring, and exposing students to various opportunities and ideas for their future.

Dr. Dirk Philipsen

VSU Student Ambassadors

VSU Student Ambassadors is dedicated to serving VSU students of the past (alumni), present and future (prospective).  We are responsible for the coordination and execution of campus tours and promoting both the academic and social aspects of the university.

Mr. Christopher Coleman

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