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Student Goverance

Anti-Hazing Policy: Section 18.2-56 of the Code of Virginia states that it is unlawful to haze so as to cause bodily injury, any student at any school, college, or university. Any person found guilty thereof shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Organization Mission/Purpose Advisor
VSU Graduate Student Association

The VSU Graduate Student Association, Inc. is a non-profit student organization dedicated to improving the status of students of all nationalities in higher education by systematically identifying and addressing their needs and concerns.

Dr. Cheryl Adeyemi

VSU Residence Hall Association

The VSURHA is the student organization representing the students  who reside in all on-campus housing facilities.  The role of the VSURHA is to provide a forum for student leaders form each residence hall to come together and interact to make positive changes to the living and learning environment of Virginia State University students.  Specifically, the VSURHA seeks to encourage the betterment of the academic, social, spiritual and cultural atmosphere within the residence hall system, to realize the opinion, needs and desires of the individual student and to constantly strive for the improvement of residence hall life.

Mr. Stewart Johnson

VSU Student Ambassadors

VSU Student Ambassadors is dedicated to serving VSU students of the past (alumni), present and future (prospective).  We are responsible for the coordination and execution of campus tours and promoting both the academic and social aspects of the university.

Mr. Christopher Coleman

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