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Mobile Charging Stations

Welcome Trojans!! Battery running low on your phone? Tablet need a quick boost?

No worry! Stop by one of conveniently located Virginia State University Charging Stations!!

Just plug in your device and rest it on our built-in shelf. 

Mobile Device Charging Stations are available in high-traffic areas around campus to enable students to charge their smartphones and tablets. 

Charging stations are located in:

  • Daniel Gymnasium
  • JML Library, Reference Area and 1st Floor
  • JML Library, 24-Hour Complex (Computer Lab) - Basement
  • Foster Hall, Trojan Corner - Basement
  • College of Business - Student Center 1st Floor
  • Jones Dining Hall
  • Hunter-McDaniel Hall Lobby

Each charging station is equipped with:

  • 2 Apple 30 Pin Dock Connections
  • 2 Apple Lightning Connections
  • 3 Micro USB Connections
  • 1 Mini USB Connection

Never leave your device unattended while it's charging!

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