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Classified Positions

Law Enforcement Officer II

Position Number: 00244 Closing Date: 01/02/18
Working Title: Captain of Police Position Location: Dept. of Police and Public Safety
Hiring Range:Salary starting at $55,000

PR & Marketing Specialist III

Position Number: 00941 Closing Date: 01/02/18
Working Title: Alumni Relations Specialist Position Location: Office of Institutional Advancement
Hiring Range:$33,598 - $39,000

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Position Number: GA505 Closing Date: 12/14/17
Working Title: Assistant Athletic Trainer Position Location: Athletics
Hiring Range: $21,521- $37,128 Pay Band: 

Administrative & Office Specialist II

Position Number: 00459 Closing Date: 12/11/17
Working Title: Graduate Admissions Specialist Position Location: Graduate Admissions
Hiring Range: $21,521- $31,000 Pay Band: 2

Information Technology Specialist III

Position Number: 00999 Closing Date: 12/11/17
Working Title: Unified Communications Engineer Position Location: Technology Services
Hiring Range: $57,342 - $101,000 Pay Band: 6

Financial Services Specialist I

Position Number: 00978 Closing Date: Open Until Filled
Working Title: Grant Writer Position Location: Agricultural Research Station
Hiring Range: $32,619 - $39,650 Pay Band: 4

Agricultural Manager I

Position Number: 01029 Closing Date: 10/30/17
Working Title: Research Center Coordinator (Urban Agriculture) Position Location: College of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension (Agency 234)
Hiring Range: $32,619 - $52,000 Pay Band: 4

Agricultural Specialist II

Position Number: 01028 Closing Date: 10/31/17
Working Title: Aquaculture Technician Position Location: College of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension (Agency 234)
Hiring Range: $20,894 -$35,132 Pay Band: 2

Transportation Operator II

Position Number: 00356 Closing Date: 11/03/17
Working Title: Transportation Operator Position Location: Administrative Services
Hiring Range: $21,521 -$45,954 Pay Band: 2

Administrative & Office Specialist III

Position Number: 00666 Closing Date: 10/27/17
Working Title: Executive Assistant Position Location: Office of the President
Hiring Range: $25,718 -$40,000 Pay Band: 3

Education Coordinator I

Position Number: 00616 Closing Date: 11/11/2017
Working Title: Technology Student Association Coordinator Position Location: College of Education
Hiring Range: $43,892 - $61,207 Pay Band: 5

Program Admin Practitioner I

Position Number: 00686 Closing Date: 10/24/2017
Working Title: Residence Coordinator Position Location: Residence Life and Housing 
Hiring Range: $33,598 - $47,660 Pay Band: 4

Financial Services Specialist II

Position Number: 00546 Closing Date: 08/07/17
Working Title: Budget Analyst Senior Position Location: Budget Office
Hiring Range: $43,892 - $69,232 Pay Band: 5

Registered Nurse Manager I

Position Number: 00747 Closing Date: Open Until Filled
Working Title: Associate Director of Health Services   Position Location: Student Health Services
Hiring Range: $42,614 - $74,000 Pay Band: 5

Registered Nurse II

Position Number: 00863 Closing Date: Open Until Filled
Working Title: Nurse Practitioner    Position Location: Student Health Services
Hiring Range: $42,614 - $89,903 Pay Band: 5

Law Enforcement Officer I

Position Number: 00782 (Additional positions to be filled from this recruitment pool of applicants - 00086, 00165, 00159, 00667, 00668, 00783 and 00670) Closing Date: Position recruitment open until filled
Working Title: Police Officer Position Location: Department of Police & Public Safety
Hiring Range: DCJS Certified Officers- $42,000; Non-DCJS Certified - $38,000. Upon completion of certification requirements (Police Academy) and probationary period, salary will be adjusted to $42,000 annually. Pay Band: 3
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